The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) provides resources for the prevention and suppression of wildland fire on State Trust Land and private property located outside incorporated communities. The Agency provides services for fire prevention, urban, and community forestry, forest stewardship, forest health, utilization and marketing, and has a wide variety of grants available. And, the Agricultural Act of 2014 (H.R. 2642; Pub.L.113-79), also known as the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill, requires the state to create and implement an up-to-date natural resources assessment and strategy. DFFM also house the Office of the State Fire Marshal, which provides fire inspection and permitting services.




Superstition Field Office

3700 East 16th Avenue Apache Junction, AZ 85119


The Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) is seeking thirteen Post Release Firefighters to serve as a crew members on a 20 person Hand Crew. These individuals will serves as a firefighter on a hand crew or other related fire suppression crews performing fire suppression and/or fuels management duties under the most adverse conditions of climate, fuels, and terrain.

These duties can include any or all of the following:

  • Performs all aspects of wildland fire control, fuels mitigation including line construction, line preparation, ignition, monitoring, holding, and mop up. Collects fire weather data, fuel and/or soil moisture samples, maps projects, and maintains records. Follows written and verbal orders and commands.

  • Gathers and considers information on weather data, topography, fuel types, and fire behavior in responding to wildland fire incidents.

  • Is responsible for operation and maintenance of specialized equipment used to respond to wildland fire, fuels mitigation and prescribed fire situations. Accomplishes emergency repairs as necessary to permit continued use of equipment. In those instances when the apparatus cannot be used effectively in suppressing the fire, takes aggressive control action in attacking the fire, using other means.

  • Participates in wildland fire and safety training in the techniques, practices, and methods of fire suppression and in the safe, efficient operation and use of tools, equipment, and vehicles used in fireline activities, with emphasis on those used in the particular function assigned. Participates in crew proficiency checks and drills, safety sessions, and fire critiques. Ensures own and other's welfare and safety in all aspects of the assignment.

  • Provides for repairs, general maintenance and preventative maintenance of all tools, equipment, small engines and facilities as directed.


Selective Preference Candidate:

  • Post-real personnel

  • NWCG Firefighter Type 2 qualified

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs):

Knowledge of:

  • Fire behavior including causes of wildland fire, influence of temperature, humidity, wind, topography, slope and fuel moisture conditions, and fuels in order to know where to attack the fire, build fire line, where to be positioned to manage a wildland fire, and to identify hazards.

  • Accepted fire safety practices and procedures to prevent injury and loss of life.

  • Wildland fire management techniques, methods and conditions to accurately analyze fire circumstances.

Skills in:

  • Skills in the use and operation, maintenance, repair and care of wildland firefighting hand tools, chain saws, small engines, vehicles and facilities.

Abilities to:

  • Work as a cohesive team member of a 20 person hand crew.

  • Practices fire suppression under the most adverse conditions of climate, fuels, and terrain.

  • As a specialized firefighter, is expected to have the technical knowledge to perform in specific fire assignments, (i.e., chain saw operator, faller, etc.) safely and efficiently.


The State of Arizona will provide the following to you:

  • Arobust and affordable insurance plan to include medical, dental, life, short-term and long-term disability options
  • A top-rankedretirement program with 100% employer matched contribution
  • 10 paid holidays per year
  • Accrued vacation and sick days
  • An incentivizedcommuter club and public transportationsubsidy program
  • Work-life balance and additional options for life betterment such as: deferred compensation, credit union membership, and a wellness program
  • Rewarding work that impacts the people of Arizona

Arizona State Government is an EOE/ADA Reasonable Accommodation Employer. All newly hired employees will be subject to E-Verify Employment Eligibility Verification. Click the APPLY NOW button to submit your application.Having trouble applying for this position?**Email[email protected]or call 602-542-4700 for assistance.**

Post Date: 08/12/2017

Close Date: 09/12/2017


Grade: 13


Salary: 15.08-0.00