Everts Air Flight Follower in Fairbanks, Alaska

Job Summary: Under general supervision, performs activities associated with scheduling and dispatching 14 CFR Part 121 flights. Everts Air Cargo operates in Alaska, the Contiguous United States, Canada, and Central America/Caribbean in cargo and passenger operations. The base of operations is located at Fairbanks International Airport, with offices in Anchorage, AK and the lower 48. After successful completion of ground school and on-the-job training, flight followers will be entered into CASS with jumpseat privileges on most major carriers. Essential Functions: Ensure safety of flight while performing the following duties: 1. Exercise operational control authority in conjunction with the Pilot in Command (PIC) for the safe and efficient operation of flights in accordance with FAA regulations and company policy. 2. Must have a complete understanding of the company procedures, limitations and directives applicable to the rules of 14 CFR Part 121 and company Operation Specifications. 3. Review, analyze and monitor present and forecast weather conditions, including but not limited to NOTAMs, PIREPs, TFRs and runway conditions. 4. Produce computerized flight plans using MX Excel and Navtech Flight Planning for all company aircraft (EMB-120, C-46, DC-6, DC-9, MD-82/83, and B-727) 5. Communicate using telephone, email, company radio networks, ARINC, and other means. 6. Monitor the progress of each flight. 7. Provide the PIC with all applicable information for the safe conduct of flight. 8. Capable of determining the maintenance status and capability of company aircraft, which includes: a. Weight and Balance procedures as described in that particular chapter of the Aircraft Operating Manual b. Runway analysis review as contained in that section of the Airport Analysis Manual c. Aircraft performance information as described in that particular chapter of the Aircraft Operating Manual 9. Respond to interruptions in service with recommendations and notifications as appropriate. 10. Monitor and ensure flight crewmembers are scheduled in accordance with flight and duty time regulations, including provisions of 14 CFR Part 117 and 121. 11. Responsible for crewmember selection, scheduling and notification after normal business hours and in the absence of the Crew Scheduler. 12. Assist with flight crewmember travel and hotel arrangements after normal business hours and in the absence of the Travel Department. 13. Responsible for accurate reporting of crewmember flight times to payroll. 14. Initiate emergency response procedures as required by the company Emergency Response Plan. 15. Provide excellent customer service at all times. 16. Other duties as assigned. This employer is an Equal Opportunity Employer: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, genetic information, age, marital status, change in marital status, or disability.