Everts Air Part 121 Director of Maintenance in Fairbanks, Alaska

Job Summary: The Director of Maintenance is responsible for the constant airworthiness of aircraft, engines, and related components, operated by Everts Air Cargo under FAR Part 121. This position coordinates daily with flight operations and cargo services regarding aircraft availability, flight scheduling and maintenance projections. Essential Functions: 1. Responsible for directing the priorities and activities of aircraft maintenance, maintenance control, maintenance planning, and maintenance training. This includes all maintenance performed at Everts primary maintenance facilities, line stations and MRO facilities. 2. Ensure all personnel are trained in accordance with Everts approved maintenance training program. 3. Ensure that the department and staff are able to provide the manpower, facilities, equipment, and tooling necessary to meet operational goals and that this effort represents efficient utilization of the allocated workforce in meeting on-going required maintenance. 4. Direct members of the staff to ensure that they carry out all maintenance activities safely, on time and within budgetary requirements. 5. Ensure effective communication and smooth business operations flow between all levels of assigned personnel as well as between maintenance and inspections, flight operations, cargo and accounting. 6. Establish and ensure compliance with standard procedures for the purchase, overhaul, inspection and repair of aircraft, engines and components. Audit practices to ensure they work effectively. 7. Establish department work standards, work hours and shifts. 8. Work with accounting to establish budget requirements for both current operation and capital expenditures. 9. Work with the President to accomplish proactive equipment purchase and repair planning. 10. Act as a liaison on all aircraft maintenance concerns and planning between Everts Air and the FAA, and ensure compliance with FARs, Operational Specifications and EAC General Maintenance Manual. 11. Review and respond to Maintenance delays and system problems. Develop and implement changes to eliminate recurrence. 12. Maintain assigned company manual program responsibilities in a timely manner; reviewing manual revisions for accuracy and relevance, performing mid-quarter review of collected data, review manuals with leads and supervisors to promote continuous improvement. 13. Monitor progress of aircraft in repair or heavy check. Communicate projections as necessary to affected departments. 14. Initiate and review Maintenance contract agreements with MRO facilities to ensure accountability and reduce organizational exposure. 15. Arrange oversight of MRO s/contract maintenance by a qualified EAC employee to ensure optimum and timely job completion. Report progress on a regular basis to the President. 16. Coordinate with other department to plan and schedule aircraft maintenance. 17. Maintain close oversight over the Parts Department to ensure effective and economic use of resources, staffing and accountability. Ensure all procurement and staging staff are well informed and working in sync. 18. Manage and coordinate special projects as mandated by FAR s and assigned by the President. 19. Perform other duties as the situation dictates. Quality 1. Prepare, train and plan to pass both the company internal and FAA external, Safety Assurance System (SAS) evaluations and oversight. 2. Ensure all internal Department audits are conducted on time and to standard. 3. Work closely with Quality to meet all SMS related requirements. This employer is an Equal Opportunity Employer: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, genetic information, age, marital status, change in marital status, or disability.