Charles Stewart Mott Community College Music Instructor Music Businessparttime in Flint, Michigan

Position Information Position TitleMusic Instructor- Music Business(part-time)Employee GroupPT FacultyStarting Salary$963/contact hourCompensation DetailsTo view the benefits summary, go to Position Summary Information Position SummaryPurpose, Scope Dimension of Job: Faculty facilitate student learning and initiate and participate in efforts to consistently improve the level of student success. As learning facilitators, faculty consistently assess learning outcomes and their own teaching effectiveness (pedagogy). As professionals, faculty adhere to the ethical standards of their profession as outlined, for example, by the NEA and the State of Michigan. Where applicable, faculty maintain licensure and certifications. In addition, full-time faculty have the following key responsibilities which are described more fully below in the Essential Duties/Major Accountabilities section:*Professional development*Curriculum Development*Collegial Responsibilities*Actively participate in efforts focused on the College's operational success.*Communication*SafetySpecific Teaching Assignment:Faculty member will be responsible for teaching classes in Survey of Music Business, adhering to the stated course objectives, content and delivery.Essential Duties/Major Accountabilities:1.Facilitate learning and initiate and participate in efforts to consistently improve student successa.Works to create a supportive, student-centered learning environment both in the classroom and outside of it, particularly by being responsive to students needs.b.Coordinates and integrates efforts for individual students with the support activities and professionals in Student Services.c.Mentor students seeking career and academic advice.d.Responds to student needs within the scope of his/her responsibilities by maintaining required office hours and communicating with students by making appropriate use of telephone, email, fax and mail.e.Takes a pro-active role in the planning and development of instruction to be delivered in both face to face and/or classroom/laboratory presentations and through technology delivered formats based on students' and institutional needs and subject matter requirements.f.Follows appropriate standard instructional design practices in course preparation, including creation of timely and current syllabi, development of learning activities and creation off examinations and other assessment mechanisms.g.Provides learning activities that meet course objectives and the needs of diverse student populations.h.Uses a variety of measures to implement programs to assess student performance and makes appropriate changes, in content and methods, based upon results in conjunction with departmental and College procedures.i.Supports and implements an appropriate use of technology in the curriculum.j.Infuses diversity, local, community, global and environmental awareness into the curriculum as applicable.k.Maintains accurate records of student progress and adheres to college, State, and Federal deadlines for submitting reports and records related to student learning and student outcomes.l.Maintains confidentiality of student records according to the guidelines established under FERPA.2.Maintains an ongoing program of professional development that encompasses both subject matter currency as well as pedagogy.a.Maintains an active and on-going program of professional development in his/her respective field(s) and in other areas related to institutional objectives.b.Participates in professional activities that contribute to the educational goals of the college and its constituents such