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Job Type:Full Time

Location:TX - Houston 77041 Shop


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Job Description

Job Description:

Is responsible for assisting with the electrical and electronic installations on equipment in the production area. Position requires moderate supervision.

Key Responsibilities:

· Must have knowledge of MCC and switchgear work

· Must be able to troubleshoot motor controls (energized)

· Must be able to read blueprints and read and interpret the National Electric Code requirements

· Is responsible for making final electrical connections after installation of conduit

· Is responsible for reporting any problems arising during the test cycle on units

· Must be able to assist with troubleshooting issues

· Test control panels and make connections which ensure the function of the panel yields accurate results.

· Certify units, final inspection and test documents

· Make changes to panel selection, wiring, etc.

· Maintain a file of installation design and technique for new units through pictures and diagrams.

· Work with suppliers of electrical components to design hook-ups on panels

· Help with mechanical assembly as needed

· Participate in the Quality Improvement Process as required.

Basic Qualifications:

· Must be able to fabricate and install rigid & aluminum E.M.T, plasti-bond, and conduit

· Must be able to use benders

· Must be able to wire and cable installation by hand, by machine and in cable trays

Preferred Skills/Experience:

· Any combination of education and experience which would be likely to result in the needed skills and abilities. Preference will be given to a high school graduate with trade school credits.

· Must have a minimum of five years’ experience in electrical field

Professional Skills/Experience:

· Background in electronics

· Ability to run pneumatic tubing

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