Atlanta Regional Census Office Field Representative Jackson County, AL. in Scottsboro, Alabama

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WORK SCHEDULE: This position has a mixed-tour work schedule. A mixed-tour work schedule provides for periods of full-time, part-time, and/or intermittent work to accommodate fluctuating workloads. The candidate(s) selected for this position must sign an agreement outlining the conditions of employment prior to appointment.


* Interviews respondents to collect survey or census data as required for current, on-going surveys, one-time surveys, and special censuses.

* The incumbent is responsible for communicating with respondents, supervisors, and other persons as appropriate.

* Reads survey materials and conducts door-to-door surveys.

* Explains the purpose of the survey, asks questions as worded on the questionnaire or survey instrument, and enters accurate and complete information into a laptop computer or onto survey forms.