Union Hospital LPN in Terre Haute, Indiana


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Job Details

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: • Nursing Process o Assessment ? Collaborates with the physician or manager to determine nursing needs of patients using the following methods: • Completes the routine physical assessment using common assessment skills in a systematic manner. • Identifies patient needs/problems and reports them appropriately. • Effectively interviews the patient/family to obtain information. • Identifies discharge planning needs (i.e. patient diets, DME, etc.). ? Consults with the physician and/or manager concerning the plan of patient care to complete these duties: • Contributes to plan of care for pre-defined patient problems. • Revision of care as patient's needs/problems change. • Prioritizes patient problems. • Includes patient and/or family in goal setting, discharge planning and teaching. ? Assists patients to regain or maintain: • Respects patients' rights, including the right to information, privacy, confidentiality, and the right to refuse care. • Responds appropriately to emergency situations. • Assists with patient education to promote self-care and patient independence. • Applies principles of infection control and safety to patient care needs. • Maintains patient care as required, including physical assessment, documentation, peripheral IV therapy, heparin locks, and other duties as assigned. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Proper body mechanics for patient care activities: 1. Ability to assist with the transportation, transfer, and ambulation of patients. This includes transportation of patients weighing up to 350 pounds via wheelchair (equivalent of 50 pounds pushing pressure).2. Lifting without assistance up to 40 pounds.3. Able to stand or walk without interruption for extended periods of time.4. Reaching (extending arms and/or truck of body above or in front of body) for patient care or retrieval of supplies.5. Bending and pivoting required for patient care and unit activities.6. Repositioning patients in bed--pulling required. Ability to respond in person in patient emergencies: 1. Able to evacuate patients by stairs in the event of an emergency.2. Able to independently evacuate patients from one area to another. Communication requirements: 1. Hearing adequate or corrected to be able to respond to patient's verbal stimuli, take blood pressure measurements, and hear equipment alarms. 2. Vision adequate or corrected to accommodate short distance viewing (the computer screens and reading handwritten and typewritten medical records) and long distance viewing (unit and patient activities).3. Writing ability necessary to include medical record documentation and other necessary communication.4. Able to communicate the English language, both verbally and written. Other: 1. Able to function in Category I, OSHA Standard for Bloodborne Pathogens.2. Able to work in areas where hazardous materials are located; e.g., radioactive materials, chemotherapy drugs, cleaning fluids.3. Flexible to meet the scheduling demands of the department.4. Able to work under stress related to multiple patient care demands occurring simultaneously. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: 1. Nursing equipment and supplies