The mission of USA jobs 🚀

Our mission is to provide job and career related content for job seekers and employers operating within the United States. Our team of Analysts, Computer Scientists, and Marketers use our in-depth knowledge of human resources and technology to create purposeful content for job seekers and employers.

Our deep knowledge of technologies used in HR allows us to provide you with information that will help you find employment opportunities and teach you how to improve your chances of successfully applying.

USA jobs is owned and operated by Employ Media, LLC an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Where to start 🚦

Looking for a job and hiring a new employee are both incredibly challenging tasks. It takes time, it takes hard work, and it takes research. Here are a few resources we recommend starting with.

Starting Resources for Job Seekers

Starting Resources for Employers

How job boards actually work 🧐

Human resource technology has become much more complicated over the past ten years. While the technology has made it much easier to track and organize information for recruiters and employers it has also created issues. The complexity new software introduced to the job market has made it more confusing than ever to apply to job listings and find quality candidates. Let's break it down.

Job Board Flow Diagram 2020

The image above does a nice job of representing the multiple touch points a job listing can have. The image shows us that when a job is posted from an employer it gets spread across many websites in order to find candidates. is one of those websites. This process is call job distribution.

Job Distribution - The process of sending job listings to website publishers to generate traffic for the job listings.

Through this process job boards have found ways to monetize job listings beyond the traditional method of sending job seekers traffic to an available job listing. Many job boards will use data collection techniques to gather personally identifiable information from job seekers and sell it to a third party.

Third Party - a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation.

A common third party could be an insurance provider. They have a wide range of potential clients and would be looking for emails, phone numbers, and names of people they could market to.

Many of the job boards that you utilize today use these techniques.

USA jobs does not sell collected personally identifiable information from job seekers or employers to third parties. 😎👍

Why traditional Job Boards hurt your effort

The method of job distribution is a good thing when done correctly. It allows employers to get more potential candidate eyes on their job listings quickly. It also benefits job seekers, if the job boards that they usually visit participates in job distribution (they probably do :) then they will see new listings as they become available.

The issues start to arise as job boards that collect the jobs start to manipulate the job postings and sell users data.

How it hurts the job seeker

When job boards start to manipulate job postings without the authorization of the employer, information can be skewed or blatantly incorrect. In addition to causing confusion for everyone involved in the hiring process it can also lead to scam websites that utilize bad agent techniques to collect and sell collected data. Job seekers provide many pieces of personally identifiable information when creating user profiles or sign up for email alerts.

How it hurts the hiring organization

The hiring organization now has job postings that are incorrect. It can go as far as positions never existing at a company, despite their being an active job listing on job boards. Through falsification, positions are distributed to job boards and cause many issues. This often wastes significant time and money for the company as several departments including human resources and legal must be involved to resolve and remove the false job posting.

The promise of USA jobs 💖

We believe that we have an opportunity to be different. We believe that we have the responsibility to our job seekers and our employers to not use tactics that hurt your goal of finding work or finding talent.

In order to do that we believe that you deserve to know how we operate. We also want to give you the ability to control your experience. In the effort of transparency you can access our list of job distribution vendors. If we have a job posted in our system it came from one of these partners.

Our job distribution partners can be found here.

We do not use scraping or scrapers -, Employ Media, LLC, or any of our owned and operated .jobs web properties. Our company does NOT utilize web scraping, scrapers, or bot aggregation techniques to collect job listings or data.

So that you can best control your experience and help us improve USA jobs we have created a monitoring system for companies and job seekers.

If you are a job seeker or employer and believe that one of our job postings sent you to a partner website that uses spam techniques please submit a review request by clicking on the "Flag a job posting" button.

A member of our team will review the ticket within 24 hrs and respond promptly if you provide an email address for follow up in the details of the ticket.

Welcome to USA jobs. Whether you are posting jobs or looking for your next position we welcome you. Please connect with our team on Linkedin or send us an email at

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