It’s always a great gesture to express gratitude through a letter of appreciation to someone that has provided help and assistance to you, no matter if this was during the stint of a job search or simply in the day to day processes of your performance in the workplace.

Another great thought would be to conduct multiple personalized letters or emails showing your appreciation and thanks for people that assisted in making you better in your personal life.

ProTip: Show your family some love with letters 💖

Letters are not difficult to construct, and reviewing a rough draft letter of appreciation may make it even more simple for you.

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Why a Letter of Appreciation is important

Over the course of your career and job searches, you’ll likely receive multiple avenues of assistance. Superiors in the workplace will provide advice and strategy, while your colleagues may assist with projects and training sessions. Others may help assist you if there is a case where you become sick or have to take unexpected leave time.

Many people will likely help you network and connect you with jobs. In reality there are many opportunities to show your appreciation to everyone that helped you.

Sharing a letter of appreciation is a wonderful way to express to others your appreciation for their assistance. It’s an appreciated gesture - and it amplifies the likelihood that people will return to help you in the future for any endeavours you are trying to tackle.

                               Applying to multiple jobs at once is smart 🧠.

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Top items to include in your Appreciation Letter

A letter of appreciation doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. Honesty is more meaningful than length. Start the letter with a Welcome, and then let the recipient know why you’re writing it in the first place.

Some Examples might include: “ Appreciate the time you spent with me to fully understand the new accounting program” or “I wanted to thank you for your advice and outlook you provided over the last few weeks”.

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Still trying to figure out what to write? Look up thank you quotes for all types of different circumstances that you can change to your own liking, and include in your letter or email. Next, express in detail how much the recipient’s efforts have assisted and meant to you. Thank them before your closing sign-off.

                              ***COPY AND PASTE THIS LETTER***

Appreciation Letter Example

John Smith

1465 Spooner Street, Denver, CO 12445 · 555-555-5555 ·

February 5, 2020

John Smith

Vice President, Customer Administration

Ruckner Packaging Company

1465 Spooner Street

Denver, CO 12445

Dear Mr. Smith,

Appreciate you connecting with me earlier today. I appreciate the time you spent going over my end goals for my career and recommending strategies to obtain them. Your outlook along with advice was helpful and gave me a new perspective on open jobs.

I especially appreciate your offer to help introduce me to others in your network. My plan is to reach out with the contacts you emailed as soon as possible. I will also use t online networking platforms you recommended to further my employment search.

Any additional insights you may have would be welcome. I'll update you as my search progresses.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Best regards,

Billy Baldwin (signature hard copy letter)

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Additional Tricks and Tips for Writing Appreciation Letters

Thank you and appreciation letters are so vital in all types of different aspects throughout your employment. Brainstorm how to construct a thank-you letter, which would include the person or organization you are thanking, what to write, and also when is the correct time to construct an employment-related-thank-you letter.

It’s important to recognize everyone who helps assist you during your job search.

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