Durham Technical Community College Director/Instructor, Business Administration (Internal Candidates Only) in Durham, North Carolina

Job Duties:

  1. General Operations: • Maintain a weekly work schedule designed to ensure proper supervision of program affairs and regular attention to the program’s requirements; • Plan, execute and evaluate annual program goals, objectives, and related activities based on the needs of the program, the department, the division and the college for improved performance; • Recommend, implement and enforce academic policies and procedures, administrative rules and regulations, and other controls intended to maintain order and the highest standards of instruction; • Maintain communication amongst the program faculty through means of written and verbal communications, and through other personnel management strategies; • Maintain complete program maintenance records as needed (including for equipment), process reports, forms, schedules, and all other required paper work in a timely, efficient manner, checking for the legibility, accuracy and correctness of all data; and, • Maintain supportive relations at all times with all department program units, all other branches of the division and the college, providing assistance to them in carrying out their authorized functions and securing their cooperation for program operations in accordance with administrative policies and/or procedures.

  2. Personnel Management: • Assign, supervise and evaluate program faculty; • Encourage professional development among all assigned program faculty; and, • Interview and recommend faculty and provide for orientation and resources of new program faculty as needed.

  3. Program Management: • Develop, revise, and evaluate the instructional program, facilitating innovation in curriculum and instructional development; • Execute the revision and distribution of all plans of study, course outlines, and other curriculum information, including a copy for publication; • Support the functions of the office of Curriculum Support and Development, including adherence to all facets of the academic change process; • Provide structure to the continuing education offerings in a way that complies with the requirements of the NCCCS Workforce Continuing Education division • Ensure that the program is in full compliance with the requirement for accreditation, certification and/or other standards stipulated by appropriate external agencies; and, • Develop and maintain productive relations with those businesses, industries, and other organizations in the community which are pertinent to the program and prospective graduates and with which the college may hold contracts, other agreements, or arrangements.

  4. Financial Management: • Recommend program needs for personnel, equipment, supplies, and materials, facilities, space, and other resources, maintaining functional facilities and equipment, and maintaining security and inventory records; • Effect preparation and processing of contracts for adjunct faculty, and, • Maintain records for full-time faculty including leave requests, tardiness, and premature departures; collect and distribute related documentation via the appropriate administrative channel.

  5. Instructional Management and Supervision: • Review credit and non-credit course offerings and class schedules to ensure that they meet the requirements, the needs of students, and are offered in a way that ensures efficient and effective utilization of college resources while meeting the mission of Business Administration; • Maintain supportive relations at all times with all other units and branches of the department, the division, and college and providing assistance to them in carrying out their respective functions and securing their cooperation for the program operation; • Utilize effective instructional technology to deliver curricular content in non-traditional formats and to supplement the delivery of content through traditional means; • Otherwise ensure that accountable instruction is being provided at all times; instructors are on time and prepared, all classes/labs are properly covered, instruction is conducted as scheduled, and course and program objectives are being met.

  6. Other Duties: • Maintain a teaching load as established by the college within the range of 9 to 12 credit or 9 to 15 contact hours per semester, given the position; • Represent Business Administration, the department, the division or the college in institutional assignments, professional activities, and uphold such involvement among program members; • Provide support and assistance in conducting student recruitment and registration, determining admission requirements and procedures, orientation of new students, job placement of graduates, and other related activities as needed; and, • Assume other appropriate responsibilities and perform additional tasks as assigned by the assistant dean, the dean, the vice president and/or the president in meeting the needs of the college.

Essential Functions:

The Director/Instructor is responsible for the management, operation, and supervision of the college’s credit and noncredit Business Administration offerings. This includes the planning, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of program components, services, personnel, and related activities. The director/instructor will work closely with their assigned assistant dean on matters related to and for the benefit of the specific program. Working closely and in harmony with program faculty, the director/instructor promotes and provides professional leadership and unit direction in all program affairs. In general, the work of the director/instructor, includes performing general office duties, requiring the ability to sit and /or stand for long periods of time. Work outside of the office setting is expected and visits to other campus locations and businesses in the college’s service area could be required.

Minimum Qualifications:

Master’s degree in Business Administration or a related Business Administration field, with at least eighteen graduate hours in Business Administration or a related field. Work Experience: • At least three years of relevant work experience; • At least five years of full-time teaching experience in NC community college setting; • Must have experience with Microsoft Office Suite

Job Type: Full Time Faculty

FLSA: Exempt

Hiring Range: $54,000-$60,000 based on a 9 month contract. Additional summer hours will be needed.