Cache County School District Elementary Health Aide in NORTH LOGAN, Utah

Qualifications: Medical training or certified Health Aide such as a CNA, EMT, CDE, MA. MUST HAVE PREVIOUS HEALTH EXPERIENCE. The Health Aide will work for 2 hours per day during the school lunch hour. The primary role of the Health Aide will be to deal with any medication administration, medical need, or injury that happens during their work time. Health Aides will also assist the District Nursing Department with a variety of other tasks. Each Health Aide will be supervised and trained by the CCSD Nursing Department. Job Description: The duty of a Health Aide includes, but is not limited to: • Medication Administration • Allergy Management • Asthma Management • Diabetes Management • Seizure Management • First Aid • Immunization Tracking • Kindergarten Registration • Vision Screenings • Back up for Head Secretary or Lunch Secretary, if time permits