Salt Lake County Control Room operator in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah


Monitors and controls the security access and movements in, out and within the Jails.


Two (2) years of directly related experience (e.g., Corrections, Security, Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Video Surveillance, Call Center).

Must be a U.S. Citizen.

Must pass the Sheriff's Office required Drug Test.

Due to the nature of this position, the successful applicant must pass a required pre-employment background check.


  • Controls employee, prisoner, visitor, and volunteer, access to secure doors, Booking and Visiting areas, units, halls, and high traffic areas.
  • Remotely monitors movement throughout jails, identifies emergency situations and calls for appropriate correctional and/or medical emergency response and expedites access through the Jail.
  • Observes prisoners within common areas of housing units, Booking, Visiting, halls, and other areas of jails and secure exterior perimeters
  • Responds to panel alarms, watch tour time outs, intercom communications with prisoners and staff; performs "all-calls" and remote lock down of unit or facility or facilitates emergency evacuations using override or manual protocols.
  • Receives and dispatches information, requests, and instructions at the direction of supervisors or commanders to perform call out for specialized units.
  • Observes and participates in testing controls for alarms, doors, and elevators and monitors electronic security systems for alarms and problems.
  • Greets visitors and volunteers at Administration Desk, answers phones, compiles reports and assists public.
  • Monitors and tests recording equipment for cameras; downloads and copies video.
  • Monitors and controls radio traffic within facility, including shutting down non-emergency traffic during a crisis situation.
  • Prepares daily logs and reports and enters information into databases to capture daily activities.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Salt Lake County