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Amazon Web Services Software Development Engineer - Amazon Timestream in Seattle, Washington

Job Description

Are you interested in working on a brand new, high-scale, and disruptive database service in AWS? This is your opportunity to become part of the Amazon Timestream team and help us build a service that will change how entire industries use time series data for optimization and decision making.

What is Timestream?

Timestream is a fast, scalable, fully-managed time series database service that makes it easy to store and analyze trillions of events per day in a cost-efficient manner. Time series data — data that measures how things change over time — is one of the fastest growing data types. Millions of smart industrial machines, IT systems, and IoT devices constantly emit vast amounts of telemetry. A modern car produces GBs of sensor data in a single day, modern aircrafts hundreds of GBs in a single flight, and even more data is generated on factory floors and by IT systems. Timestream is purpose-built to enable customers to analyze this vast amount of information for monitoring, process optimization, fault-prediction, and many other use cases that are either too expensive or impossible to realize using existing systems. Timestream is serverless and scales seamlessly without requiring customers to provisioning, setup, and configure servers, allowing them to focus on their business.

Why would you join our team?

This is a great opportunity to join a collaborative team of talented engineers and contribute to a truly innovative service very early in its life-cycle. Depending on your interests, you will add new, innovative capabilities to our query processing engine and optimize performance, or work on some of the challenging distributed system problems, such as auto-scaling, heat-management, and failover, that we solve for our customers to make our service appear "serverless".

If you are interested in designing and implementing large-scale distributed systems, have a high quality bar, an aptitude for innovation, and a passion for solving challenging problems, we need you! You will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the most tenured architects of the AWS platform and help us innovate on behalf of our customers.

Basic Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge and experience coding in one of the following programming languages: Java, C, C++, Go, or Scala

  • Strong at applying data structures, algorithms, and object oriented design, to solve challenging problems

  • 2+ years of hands on experience in software development, including design, implementation, debugging, and operation of scalable system software and/or services

  • Good understanding of distributed systems and web services technology

  • Experience working with REST and RPC service patterns or other client/server interaction models

  • Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices for SDLC management, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing and operations

  • Experience communicating with customers, peer technical teams, and management, to collect requirements, describe product features, and influence outcomes in technical decision-making

  • Experience in measuring and improving system performance and efficiency

  • Experience working with storage and database technologies, including query optimization

  • Master's degree, PhD, or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field

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Job ID788878

CompanyAmazon Web Services, Inc.

Position CategorySoftware Development

Company/Location (search) : Country (Full Name)United States