HireVue Sales Operations Specialist in South Jordan, Utah

Sales Operations Specialist

South Jordan, Utah

Compensation: Salary + annual bonus + 401K + stock options + flexible vacation + medical + dental/vision + relocation + lots of food.

If you are a smart Operations Specialist who wants to make great money working at an awesome company then keep reading! HireVue is in Salt Lake City, Utah and if you're not already here we will bring you here.

The Job:

Your primary job is to help HireVue’s sales team hit their numbers… simple as that. Their goals are ambitious, so hang-on! You do this through working with sales reps to construct and process sales orders. You partner with sales leaders to define sales territories and update them in SalesForce. You work with the exec team to keep them updated on sales team progress. You build-out SalesForce reporting that helps us to understand our successes and failures.

You are the right person for this job because you care about accuracy and you seamlessly combine this with speed and efficiency. You do not accept the status quo, rather you enjoy thinking deeply about the ways in which things are done and continually work to streamline our processes and reporting. You are a team player – always willing to jump in and help, whether it be creating sales territories for our reps, running reports to clean-up data in Salesforce, or even hopping on a call to help a rep structure a deal, you show up with a smile and roll-up your sleeves.

Who we’re looking for:

Below are a few of the traits and experiences we are looking for in this role. Let us know if this resonates!

  • You have used Salesforce.com to do your job. You don’t have to be an expert Salesforce Admin, but if you are an advanced user, go ahead and step to the front of the queue.

  • You are smart and adaptable… of course.

  • You are the one who people can count on to get the job done.

  • You can talk to strangers, friends, colleagues and anyone in-between with ease - you are comfortable collaborating across the business and communicating your ideas at all levels of the company, from a sales rep to the CEO.

  • You are adamant about getting the details right – the whole business depends on the accuracy of the sales order you input into SalesForce.com, so if this is not your strong suit, you need not apply.

  • You don’t accept that the status quo. There, we said it again. We are looking for a change-maker, someone who is going to help us scale HireVue to a billion-dollar business.

  • You are ready for the thrill of being part of a growth stage, venture capital backed company. TCV and Sequoia Capital bet on us, and we are hopeful that you will do the same.

The People:

We have Mountain Bikers, Road Bikers, Skiers / Boarders (backcountry & resort), Runners, Video Game heroes, Movie Buffs, Musicians, and every other variety of people. We have Family people, Single people, Happy people. You will find a friend here and we would be ecstatic to have you join our team!

Our Hiring Process:

  1. You read this and it piques your interest… and you tell us you are interested (apply, email, shout, call).

  2. We send you a link to use our awesome software and tell us more about yourself.

  3. You come meet the team and verify all the truths (and more) written here.

  4. You tell everyone how amazing your life has become in your new job at HireVue.


    Don’t ignore this opportunity. Of course you are happy in your current position. But shouldn’t you always be happier? Come in and check it out. Worst-case scenario – You find out all the things we say are true (which you will) and you are a perfect fit and then you don’t take our offer. Don’t be scared of change. Don’t worry about your current employer, sometimes you have to move on and we encourage it too. We have amazing alumni at Linkedin, Google, Amazon and more. By the way – they still love HireVue!


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HireVue works with over 600 customers globally including leading global brands like Dow Jones, Carnival Cruise Lines, Intel, Vodafone, Urban Outfitters, Nike, and Deloitte in over 100 countries.

HireVue was named among the top 10 “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes, “Best Place to Work for Millennials” by Fortune, and was recognized as five-time winner of “Top HR Product of the Year” by HR Executive Magazine.

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