AURA Director of Center Operations Services (COS) - NCOA in Tucson, Arizona

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is seeking a talented Director of Center Operations Services (COS) for NSF's National Center for Optical-Infrared Astronomy (NCOA).NCOA is planned to be an AURA-managed center headquartered in Tucson, Arizona that will integrate the operations of the Gemini Observatory, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) in the United States and in Chile. The Director of COS will be a member of the NCOA senior management team and directly manage NCOA's Center Operations Services (COS). The COS is a matrixed cross-functional team including Safety, Health, and Environment; Facilities Operations; and IT Operations. The position may be based in Tucson, Arizona, or La Serena, Chile. La Serena, Chile is the preferred location.Responsibilities: Leads the planning and initial implementation of organization-wide COS activities for NCOA, soliciting and incorporating input from the NCOA Project Team and domain experts from each of the constituent NCOA Programs (NOAO, Gemini, and LSST Operations). Provides day-to-day management oversight and leadership for Center Operation Services and ensures COS activities are well supported per the annual NCOA Program Operating Plan and established strategic priorities. Working with and through the geographic heads of Facilities Operations, provides leadership and direction to the Facilities Operation group which is responsible for the operations, maintenance, and on-going modernization of the entire "outside the telescope enclosure" NCOA physical plant to include buildings, roads, grounds, utilities, and infrastructure both at base facilities and on mountain tops. Working with and through the Head of Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE), provides leadership and direction to the SHE group ensuring the development, implementation and maintenance of an integrated cross-NCOA program for the protection of the safety and health of all NCOA employees, the environment in which they work, and the physical plant. Working with and through the Head of IT Operations (ITO), provides leadership and direction to the ITO group that is responsible for integrated, standard IT services across all NCOA sites. The IT services provided to NCOA will include email, voice-over-IP telephony, video conference system, web servers, network services, ISP connection, domain namespace specification and maintenance, and desktop computing. Common configuration, standards, and hardware platforms for scientific computing services will also be included in the services offered. Working with the NCOA Director and Deputy Director, establishes plans and priorities for Center Operations Services that reflect a shared allocation of resources and effectively manages competing priorities. Establishes and maintains regular reporting to provide information on progress and concerns to the NCOA Director and Deputy Director on the areas that fall within Center Operations Services. If located in Chile, the COS Director may be designated to act on behalf of the NCOA Director and be responsible for: (a) day-to-day NCOA operations in Chile, including problem resolution and dispute mediation; and (b) coordination of all NCOA activity in Chile with the AURA Head of Mission (the senior AURA representative in Chile) to ensure NCOA activities in Chile are consistent with local rules and regulations. Demonstrates for all audiences a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.