Lifeline Connections Utilization Management Clinician - Women's Inpatient - #19-011 in Vancouver, Washington

Agency Background: Lifeline Connections is recognized as a leading behavioral health treatment provider in Southwest Washington, offering detoxification and rehabilitation for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Lifeline patients receive an unprecedented level of care by highly skilled professionals who know how to help people find long-term recovery. Lifeline's goal is to meet a chronic and desperate need for addiction treatment services. Lifeline has a vision of creating the best addiction treatment and rehabilitation possible in a way that is affordable to the greatest number of people. Over the past fifty years the executive management team and board of directors of Lifeline have remained committed to our passion and vision. Utilization Management Clinician – Women's Inpatient - #19-011 Major Duties: The Utilization Management Clinician will be responsible for completing triage assessments to determine patient risk and appropriate level of care based on the medical necessity review (ASAM) as well as, performing ongoing utilization review, authorization for all higher levels Inpatient (IP), Withdrawal Management (Detox) Intensive Outpatient (IOP) of care (Substance Use Disorders). In providing these services, the incumbent performs the following duties independently: • Collaborates with the supervisory staff and Program Manager, other senior staff members, and other counselors in building and maintaining • Responds to and completes urgent/emergent assessment and triage for individuals seeking services • Complete pre-certification for higher level of care admissions as part of a wait list of emergent needs • Application of medical necessity criteria in authorization of substance use services (ASAM). Referral and triage for individuals in crisis situations. • Completes concurrent reviews and coordinates with clinicians on discharge planning and post discharge follow up care • Data entry of all authorizations and clinical notes in clinical files • Complete retro-reviews as assigned by management staff • Participate in scheduled staff meetings and trainings • Participates in case staffing when needed • Notify Director of Utilization Management and Admissions Director regarding any quality indicators/concerns • May be assigned CDP/T duties depending on authorization numbers, staffing level and caseload sizes. Requirements: • College course work in chemical dependency, human sciences or related field required; • Experience using ASAM Placement Criteria; • Experience conducting treatment authorizations with commercial insurance and/or managed care plans, preferred; • Successful completion of at least one course per quarter/semester toward educational requirements as necessary to obtain an active Washington State Department of Health CDPT credential required; • Knowledgeable of a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and the ability to set and maintain therapeutic limits. The agency milieu mandates that the incumbent be flexible, versatile and skilled in developing creative behavioral interventions that modify inappropriate behavior; • Must be capable of functioning autonomously while maintaining continuous communication with other staff members; • A broad knowledge of the stages of human personality development including cultural, social, and psychological factors affecting individuals and families involved with chemical use; • Knowledge and practice of crisis intervention theory; • Knowledge of the various theories, forms, stages, and manifestations of addictive behavior, awareness of common manifestations of resistance to change in the addicted client, awareness of socio-cultural barriers to change, and an in-depth know