NOVA Corporation Sr. Solaris Administrator in United States

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DDC-ITS provides unique, custom solutions to meet our customers’ communications needs. Our solutions provide communication capabilities using modern technology. At their most complex, they are multi-purpose systems that gather information from dozens of different sources. The information is presented to decision makers immediately, visually, clearly.

DDC-ITS is an equal opportunity employer provided this position is subject to the Navajo Preference in Employment Act


Provide system administration support for the DISA Defense Enterprise Accounting System (DEAMS) Mission Partner (MP) performing Solaris technical support for Solaris server systems. Provide primary technical support to the DEAMS mission partner, however, if time permits, shall assist system administrators with other mission partner workloads. Manage and maintain most current version and two previous versions of Solaris Operating Systems (OS) on physical and virtual operating environments. Provide technical oversight and consultation as required. Install, configure, maintain, manage, and troubleshoot Solaris OS and associated components.

• Ensure operating environments are properly configured and functioning with specified network and storage components and tool suites.

• Create and modify user accounts.

• Perform file system permissions management.

• Perform patch management and installation.

• Apply baseline security settings as defined by the DoD Operating Security Readiness Guide (SRG).

• Perform backups in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, and guidance and ensure backup failures are properly addressed.

• Analyze, monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose to ensure system optimization, integrity, availability, and functionality are within prescribed parameters.

• Provide Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network management. Must understand common ports and protocols used for TCP/IP communication between servers (Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Secure Shell (SSH), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), etc.). Must also understand TCP/IP classless subnets using Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation and establish default routes.

• Utilize industry standard tools for system management with emphasis on SSH/Secure Copy (SCP)/Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), BMC Bladelogic, Symantec Netbackup Enterprise or Datacenter edition.

• Shall have a basic understanding of current UNIX shells, Korn, Bourn and Cshell.

Perform the following senior system administration tasks:

• Create, patch, and administer sparse root containers, whole root containers, Logical Domains (LDOMS) and Solaris Zones. Perform volume system management utilizing Logical Volume Management (LVM), Veritas Volume Manager, SUN Volume Manager (SVM), UNIX File System (UFS), and Zeta File System (ZFS). Perform file system tuning on Z file system and UNIX file system, file system management and configuration; performance tuning, analysis and benchmarking. Perform disk management for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

• Perform network configuration and troubleshooting using TCPDump or similar tools to capture packet data for analysis. Configure host-based and network based routes. Perform Network Interface Card (NIC) bonding as required. Manage communication interfaces between UNIX servers and the communications infrastructure (firewalls, routers, etc.), including bonding, static routes, tcpwrappers and iptables/nftables. Provide support of communication protocols between IBM; Linux; Hewlett Packard equipment; web servers; various switches and routers; and the Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET).

• Perform audit log configuration and analysis and rotation/retention. Perform System Log (Syslog) configuration and aggregation and rotation/retention.

• Perform hardware/kernel troubleshooting and problem identification. Perform kernel tuning using configuration files and system tools. Troubleshoot the UNIX boot process for Storage Area Network (SAN) booting using x86 Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). Perform system initialization utilizing advanced Initialization systems on modern UNIX (upstart, systemd).

• Monitor security logs for errors and make corrections to improve efficiency. Responsible for loading patches and modifications to systems to enhance performance, operations and security.

• Conduct risk and vulnerability assessments of planned and installed information systems to identify vulnerabilities, risk, and protection needs. Conducts systems security evaluations, audits, and reviews.

• Perform Solaris Bourne Again Shell (BASH) and/or Practical Extraction and Report Language (PERL) shell scripting to automate tasks as required.

• Perform disaster recovery (real or simulated) actions as required. Document detailed system recovery actions for Enterprise- wide disaster recovery documentation repository. Familiarity with Solaris Jumpstart.

• Provide support for clustered environments (Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC), Oracle Cluster File System Version 2 (OCFS2), GNU Clustered File System (GCFS), Veritas Cluster Service (VCS)).

• Install, configure, administer and support secure remote access utilities and applications including, but not limited to, SSH, Secure Web Access, VMWare VSphere, and Remote X server access.


  • Currently possess Security+CE certification

  • Customer service oreinted

  • Analytical

  • Flexible


Security +CE


Advertised Job Title: Sr. Solaris Administrator

ID: 2018-2383

External Company Name: Dine Development Corporation

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